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Best of British Bike day – Saturday May 28th 2017

Members –  this annual event is being held this Saturday so why not fire up the Velo and enjoy the day. 

(This information is taken from the BMRCO website)

This coming Saturday looks set fair for hot and sunny weather so we should get a good turnout of British and non-British bikes.

As in previous years all and any British bike is welcome to park up in the garden of the Red Lion, whether ridden by a club member or not.

I would like to stress that all Brit bikes are welcome to park in the garden and not just Triumphs….which this year is the featured marque.

If you have a choice of motorcycle in your garage then bring the Trumpet – It will be very interesting to see how many we actually get.

If you are a club member but decide to ride a non-Brit bike then please park up outside the pub, the garden is only for Brit bikes.

Your BMRCO club membership runs out on June 30th so do take this opportunity and bring along your membership card and £7.00 and renew on Saturday. 

Ken Drinkwater (our Membership Secretary) will be there all day to stamp your card (proof of payment) and take your money.

Enjoy the day and see you there – Graham   


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